You can trust your life with springs and components from Goss


“Here at Goss we are not just manufacturing for standard industrial applications, an extremely important part of our capability is the design and supply of ultra high precision components for the medical industry” says Dan Goss.

Components for the medical industry

To underline the point Dan goes on to say that ”we have been supplying the medial industry for years and one application we are particularly proud of was the design and supply of components used in equipment for the treatment of cancer. Some components and springs we have made are so small that you have to use our VMM machine with 200 x magnification to even see the component.”

Safety critical applications

Manufacturing tolerances are extremely tight and have to be controlled exactly no less because of the physical size of the components involved but also the essential safety critical nature of the applications they are deployed in. Sophisticated materials are often required such as platinum iridium used in the heating coil of cauterising equipment used in gynaecological equipment.

Material specific life cycle testing is just one part of the overall service offered to ensure that safety critical components get to the market to provide years of safe and reliable usage.

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