Yamaha Motor Launches Clean SCARA Robot YK-XEC Series


Clean Type Addition to Superior Cost-Efficient YK-XE SCARA Robot Series

Yamaha Robotics, Factory Automation Section is pleased to announce that the Company is adding the new clean type YK-XEC series to its YK-XE series – high operational and cost performance SCARA robots. This model is ideal for automated work in clean rooms and will be released on a rolling basis starting February 1, 2024.

While demonstrating the strengths of the YK-XE series in terms of cost efficiency, the YK-XEC series is a new clean SCARA robot that meets ISO Class 4 (ISO 14644-1) cleanliness standards, which are in high demand in the current market.

The main specifications such as the arm length and Z-axis stroke, as well as maximum payload are identical to the YK-XE series. By achieving a high operational performance of 0.42sec (YK510XEC) for a standard cycle time, this new model will further contribute to improving productivity as well as realizing labor savings in manufacturing plants for semiconductors and hard disk drives, which has seen growing demand recently, as well as in the food and medical equipment-related plants.

Yamaha Robotics has a 40-plus year history in SCARA robots, since the first was installed in one of our factories in 1976. Since then, the Company has expanded its product lineup, which now features industry-leading product variations. The great diversity of alternatives that Yamaha Robotics provides means that customers can choose the models which best suit their particular requirements, further optimizing their production facilities while also working to reduce their capital expenditure.

Basic Specifications
Axis SpecificationsX AxisArm Length235 mm335 mm435 mm
Rotation Angle±134 °
Y AxisArm Length275 mm
Rotation Angle±147.5 °
Z AxisStroke200 mm
R AxisRotation Angle±360 °
AC servo motor outputX Axis400 W
Y Axis200 W
Z Axis
R Axis
Maximum SpeedX-Y Axis Synthesis7.8 m/sec8.6 m/sec9.5 m/sec
Z Axis2 m/sec
R Axis2,600 °/sec
Repeatability1X and Y Axes±0.01 mm
Z Axis±0.01 mm
R Axis±0.01 °
Maximum Payload10 kg
Standard Cycle Time: With 2kg payload20.42 sec0.44 sec0.49 sec
R-axis Tolerable Moment of Inertia30.3 kgm2
User Wiring0.2 sq x 10 wires0.2 sq x 20 wires
User Tubing (Outer Diameter)φ6 x 3 pipes
Travel limit1. Soft limit 2. Mechanical stopper (X, Y, Z axes)
Robot Cable Length3.5 m
Weight27 kg28 kg
Degree of cleanlinessISO Class 4 (ISO14644-1)
Intake air(Nℓ/min)60 Nℓ / min


Basic specifications may change without notice

1: Values under constant ambient temperature (X, Y axes)

2: When reciprocating 300mm horizontally and 25mm vertically with rough positioning in an arch motion

3: The inertia must be input in the actual usage environment

About Yamaha Robotics FA Section

Yamaha Factory Automation Section (FA Section), a subdivision of Yamaha Motor Robotics Business Unit in Yamaha Motor Corporation, is focused on delivering flexible, high-accuracy industrial robots for precision automation challenges.

With its roots in the introduction of robot technology to Yamaha motorcycle assembly activities, the division has over 40 years’ experience solving automation challenges from factory-scale to micron-level. Yamaha’s industrial robots are now trusted by leading corporations worldwide, in activities as diverse as semiconductor fabrication and assembling electronic products, domestic appliances, automotive components, and large liquid-crystal panels.

Yamaha Motor FA Section offers a unified range of solutions for robotic assembly, including single-axis robots, SCARA, cartesian, and articulated robots. Innovations such as the LCMR200 linear conveyor module; a smoother, space-saving and more versatile successor to conventional belt and roller conveyors continue to set the pace in factory automation. Core robotic technologies as well as key components and complete robot systems are all produced in-house, ensuring consistent quality and control over lead-times.

Headquartered in Neuss, Germany, Yamaha FA Section serves customers in all Europe.




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