Workstations and manufacturing equipment from MiniTec – made to measure to your requirements


The MiniTec aluminium profile system is incredibly flexible and can be used for an almost limitless range of applications including machine frames, safety guards, workstations, conveyors, complete turn-key assembly lines and multi-axis positioning systems, not forgetting diverse equipment in the lifestyle/sports industries.

The aluminium profiles are manufactured by the headquarters in Germany and customised by MiniTec UK according to the needs of the customer.

At the heart of the MiniTec aluminium profile system is the unique Powerlock® fastening method which requires no specific preparation, pre-machining or special tools. The fastening system is well proven for simplified design, rapid assembly and also allows re-usability.

Trolleys for ease of handling between machining operations

A well-known international manufacturer of turbo charger components in Bradford carries out multiple machining operations on different machines in the factory.

Moving work in progress between operations and machines can be a real problem, especially if the parts cannot be simply and easily loaded onto transporters to move them between ops.

Simply robust trolley from MiniTec

MiniTec designed and assembled 16 of these trollies for the customer using its 30 x30 aluminium profile system. Each trolley can carry up to 8 trays of parts with a maximum weight of 60 Kgs – a simple solution to a potentially costly and time consuming handling issue.



Customised Workstations

MiniTec aluminium profiles are ideal for the construction of workstations whether they be simple stand-alone benches or form part of a complete assembly line. Workbenches shown below are being prepared for despatch to a well-known UK based car manufacturer and were designed to the specific requirements of the customer for deployment in the Oxford manufacturing plant.


On-line design tools available from MiniTec

Whilst MiniTec offer a complete design and assembly service should you require it simple and intuitive on line design tools are available for you to plan and execute the design of your own equipment.

MiniTec iCAD online

This CAD tool is the comfortable way to select and configure the hardware of MiniTec modular solutions. It covers all planning and construction requirements. The combination of components and software enables the entire potential for rational, flexible and modern mechanical engineering to be tapped.

Key features of the tool

3D design tool for MiniTec components

90 percent time savings for users

Planning and design of components and systems independently of CAD software

CAD functionality without requiring your own CAD software

Easy to use due to special anchors, line snap points and Drag&Drop

Enables faster assembly of components

Direct interfaces with all common CAD systems such as:

Mechanical Desktop, ProEngineer, Solid Works, Solid-Edge, MegaCAD, etc.

More than 50 data output formats in 2D and 3D

Automated design module for:

Linear axes, slideways, conveyor belts, workstations

3D design tool for MiniTec components.

Planning and design of components and systems independent of CAD software.

App to calculate deflection of profiles

A new app from MiniTec calculates the deflection of aluminium profile systems and linear slideways. It will calculate values for applications in both vertical and horizontal designs. The values for both load and length are stored until the application has been completed thus making a comparison of different profile systems quick and easy.


For more information on MiniTec products and services please contact:

Tel: 01256 365605



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