Wider FOV 3D laser profiler series launched


3D scanning and inspection solutions developer, LMI Technologies (LMI), has announced the official release of its new Gocator 2540/50 high-speed wide field of view 3D laser line profile sensors.

Gocator 2540/50 laser line profilers deliver the 2500 series’ signature blazing fast scan rates, with the added advantage of wider fields of view for greater scan coverage. Engineers can deploy these compact, factory-calibrated smart sensors in production lines for high-speed 3D measurement and inspection of a variety of manufactured materials, including shiny machined-metal EV battery and consumer electronic assemblies, various web materials, hot-rolled rail track steel, as well as low contrast materials such as black rubber tires.

The new Gocator 2540/50 features up to 10,000 profiles per second, including 3D measurement, up to 518 mm field of view, up to 0.064mm X resolution and up to 1.2 microns Z repeatability. Setup and control are carried out via a web browser or SDK, and thanks to onboard tools, no programming is required.

“The Gocator 2540 and 2550 laser profilers continue to extend the versatility of our popular high-speed 2500 series. The ability to scan, measure, and control at up to 10kHz paired with ever wider fields of view opens the door for engineers to deploy this powerful sensor lineup in new inspection applications where speed and maximum line scan coverage are of significant performance advantage”, said Mark Radford, CEO of LMI Technologies.



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