Why did two world leaders visit the ifm electronic stand at Hanover 2016?


Quite simply because ifm electronic is also a world leader in 3D vision.


Checking a case for completeness: from full-crate checking in the beverage industry to double-dough warning for bakeries, ifm’s O3D300 can easily spot a missing item. Cans, bottles, crates, kegs, blister packs, pots, tubes, bags, Tetra Pak packaging – all can be set up for reliable detection of underfill or overfill. The sensor tracks the position automatically and is not affected by such things as colour or extraneous light.


Carton dimensioning

Positioned over a conveyor: the O3D300 measures the height, width and length to calculate strap length and volume, regardless of orientation. An indispensable aid in storage and logistics. Quality parameters also help with the detection of damaged or deformed objects.


The PMD technology that ifm has been using for some time in ground-breaking optical sensors has many more uses. Sensors use the photonic mixer device detect a single point up to 10m distant from the sensor, and actually measure that distance using time-of-flight. The revolutionary feature of PMD is in capturing that information from a single point, on a single electronic chip.

Now take that single point with its distance measurement, and make an array of those on a slightly larger chip, and you have a three axes of measurement, resulting in a truly three-dimensional view from a given point.

Many other problems can be solved with the O3D300, from depalletising to measuring the level of bulk materials.

Whatever the application, ifm electronic has ensured that the set-up is easy. Switching outputs and an Ethernet process data interface are included for signal or control.   There’s even a basic camera version for users to base their own system around.

For more information, please visit www.ifm.com/uk or call +44 20 82132234.


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