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Nick and Daniel go on to explain: “Here at Goss Springs we offer a unique capability to design to a customer specification virtually any type of compression, tension, torsion , conical or wafer springs, wire shapes or press parts and multislide components to suit the envelope and design criteria of our client.

The diversity and range of products which we design and manufacture is extensive – from 0,1mm stainless steel gold plated section wire forms for use in microsurgery to substantial torsionally precise coil spring devices used in aircraft ejector seat mechanisms the range of applications and solutions provided is virtually limitless!

From tiny coil springs used in the switching mechanism of electronic microswitches to bearing raceways used in windscreen wiper actuators here at Goss Springs we have a wealth of experience in the Aerospace, Electronics, Defence, Medial and Automotive industries.

It is normally the case that a client will give us an envelope within which the component has to operate, provide us of course with some essential technical requirements in terms perhaps of torsional rigidity, number of actuations and so forth and then we will develop a design based on the most appropriate material and optimum production method in order to arrive at the most cost effective solution.

Here at Goss we love a challenge and look forward to continuing our tradition of “bending and shaping” for many years to come.


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