WERMA rewarded for the Industry 4.0 project


The Rietheim based signal device manufacturer has received an award for the “100 locations for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg” project

On Friday 19th February 2016 Secretary of State Peter Hofelich announced WERMA Signaltechnik as one of the prize winners in the second round of the competition to find “100 locations for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Württemberg. WERMA is the first company in the Tuttlingen district and the Black Forest Baar-Heuberg region to win such an award. 20 companies in total received an award which recognises the achievement in implementing Industry 4.0 in their businesses.

The Baden-Württemberg Alliance Industry 4.0 is using the competition to identify innovative concepts from industry which demonstrate the successful pairing of intelligent computerised systems and value added production processes. The jury of experts evaluates not only the scale of innovation but also the practical relevance to Industry 4.0.

WERMA has been rewarded for its innovative, simply to retrofit machine data collection and monitoring system (MDC). “We are enormously happy to have received this award for our Industry 4.0 solution” commented CEO Matthias Marquardt at the end of the award ceremony. “It shows that we are on the right path with our MDC system.”

WERMA offers a retrofit solution for Industry 4.0

It is quick and simple to retrofit the MDC monitoring system – any signal tower can be converted to an MDC monitoring system. The addition of a transmitter and receiver unit to the modular signal tower creates a common interface for all productive stations, whether a machine or piece of equipment or a manual workstation. Type of equipment or age is of no importance.

The software makes the production process completely transparent and data analysis and reports made available. An extension to the system permits machines and processes to communicate with one another for improved co-ordination of production processes.

The real benefit to the customer is the availability of precise and impartial data, analysis and reports which home in on non-productive times, hidden capacity potential and cost optimisation opportunities in the manufacturing process. The data enables quick and easy implementation of cost improvement and process optimisation measures.

Baden-Württemberg leading the way

“Baden-Württemberg is a powerful innovation economic region. We are real trail blazers in the field of digital advancement in industry. This is clearly demonstrated by the prize winners here today” commented Secretary of State Peter Hofelich at the award ceremony. “With these awards we want to make all of these good ideas from our State better known and motivate other companies to become involved with Industry 4.0. The examples presented today show clearly how the implementation of new technologies prepares companies for the demands of the digital future.

What is behind it all?

In order to make best use of the digital revolution and transform the State into a trail blazer for Industry 4.0 Finance and Industry Minister Nils Schmid promoted the establishment of “Baden–Württemberg Alliance Industry 4.0”. The objective is to bring together competencies from Production, IT and Communication disciplines and help the industrial heartland with innovative concepts to start their journey towards implementation of Industry 4.0.

Principal spokespersons of Baden-Württemberg Alliance 4.0 are Dr. Manfred Wittenstein (Board member of Wittenstein AG) and Prof. Dr.Ing Thomas Bauernhansl (Head of the Institute Fraunhofer IPA). Co-ordination of activities is undertaken by the Baden-Württemberg VDMA association. All of the associates of the Alliance – Businesses, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, Academic and Research Institutions and Social Groups all want to support Baden-Württemberg to become a global leader in the implementation of Industry 4.0 concepts.

Smiling faces at the award ceremony in the Marble Room at the New Castle in Stuttgart: Anja Dannemann, Sales and Strategy Director at WERMA, Matthias Marquardt CEO at WERMA and Peter Hofelich State Secretary for Finance and Industry.

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