WERMA at IMHX 2016 shows how you can speed up your logistics and cut downtime and wastage.


Andonspeed incorporating WIN – A unique wireless andon light system to optimise warehouse processes

WERMA is the leading manufacturer of Beacons, Sounders and Andon Lights.

At IMHX 2016 we will be presenting our new Andon light system, Andonspeed with WIN. Whether it be a request for new material to be delivered, assistance required, a disruption to the line flow or that work is running out, Andonspeed calls up the appropriate intervention immediately reducing waiting times and making the operation leaner, faster and more efficient.

 WERMA_AndonSPEED_TitelVery easy to install and run, the WIN system uses the signals from andon lights – signal towers – fitted to equipment and machines to record changes in status which then allows you to monitor the efficiency of the processes, identify disruptions to production and improve the transparency of your operation – all at a very affordable cost and very easy to install and even retrofit to existing equipment.

Response time and frequency of call outs are easy to monitor and evaluate.

The system can be quickly and easily added to existing WERMA beacons or tower systems, and is also easy to install alongside competitor’s beacons. Installation couldn’t be simpler with, of course, virtually no hard wiring required.

This unique call for action system is already deployed in some of the UK’s largest online retailing operations and is proving to be a most effective way to generate highly visible optical signals for shop floor supervision to respond to and also collect important data on the frequency and duration of disruptions to operations so that improvement measures can be considered and actioned.

New generation LED signal towers and traffic lights

Visitors will also be able to see the very latest in compact signal towers, and cost saving traffic light systems using multicolour LED technology. This includes modular signal towers, both 70mm and the new compact 40mm KS40 products which incorporates for the first time both permanent and blinking lights in just one unit, selectable simply and quickly by a dipswitch.

A new traffic light LED beacon 890 series combines 3 colours in just one easy to install beacon, reducing cost and inventory and making installation much simpler The operator simply selects which colours he wishes to have on view for a given signal output.

Come and see us on stand 9A68.








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