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New ClipX from HBM sets new standards in industrial process control.

As an increasing number of companies focus on the digitalisation of industrial production, or plan to do so, the total market for Industry 4.0 continues to grow as manufacturers further optimise their products to meet the requirements.

Sensors and measurement systems are the eyes of the production process and are key technologies for Industry 4.0.  However, the more complex and dynamic production processes become, the more important is the availability of real-time and historical data regarding the states of the machines and plants.  With this in mind, the latest generation of test and measurement systems supply information with which production sequences can be optimised.  Offering high sample rates, they are equipped with their own intelligence, and guarantee fast transfer of measurement and diagnostic data thus, making decentralised control and system optimisation possible.

ClipX is the latest innovative signal conditioner from HBM.  Designed to optimise production processes, ClipX is a dynamic signal conditioner that not only amplifies the signals and transfers them to the control unit, without any interference but also completes preliminary calculations and summaries, to reduce the load on higher level controls.  This means that the revolutionarily ClipX is able to accomplish some of the tasks that would be otherwise taken on by the higher-level controller.

Suitable for monitoring and measuring tasks in test benches, machines and production plants, ClipX can be simply mounted on a dim rail and used as a standalone device or as part of a system of networked devices.  Featuring a modern automation interface which can be easily adapted to suit any measurement task, ClipX can be used to acquire force, pressure, torque and other quantities with a measurement accuracy class of 0.01.

Controlled through a modern web interface, the responsive design of ClipX ensures optimal viewing across all devices.  Clear and intuitive, the latest signal conditioner comes complete with all the latest functions and is also equipped with an integrated health monitor, which provides device diagnosis and enables faults to be detected and fixed by remote control at an early stage.

Particularly suitable for applications with a high degree of automation, the new ClipX from HBM assists with efficient production and ensures that all customers in the industrial automation sector are equipped and ready for the digitalisation of their production processes.

HBM develops and produces perfectly matched sensors and measurement modules, that, when combined, provide precise and dependable measurement results without system discontinuities.




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