We do much, much more than just manufacture springs at Goss


Say Nick and Dan Goss who run the family business based in Epping today.

Nick goes on to describe their capability as follows: “A customer can try and pick up a catalogue of “standard” press parts and try and find the component that most closely meets the requirement of the application and envelope he has to fill.  This will inevitably lead to compromises of choice and design being made, perhaps to the detriment of the application and the service the customer wants to provide.  Put simply, our approach is the opposite:  we invite the customer to tell us the available envelope for the component and we will design and manufacture the optimum component for the application.  We do not make our customers adapt their requirements to the availability and characteristics of a stock product, here at PMT we will design and make exactly what he wanted in the first place.”

The range of products and services offered by PMT is seemingly limitless.  From shock absorber components for cars to components for paper roll feeders and small pressed parts and springs found in domestic application like the household electrical socket and plug. Further examples of relatively simple everyday products include hose clips and the small springs to be found in alkaline battery holders.

The wide range of materials include annealed and pre-hardened carbon steel, stainless steel, non ferrous alloys, silver, nickel, gold, the latest generation of thermo-bimetals and high nickel alloy material for corrosive and arduous environments.




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