Pharmaceutical product handling and coding specialist Travtec has further extended its portfolio of Lixis quality control equipment with the introduction of a vision system that helps to ensure that strict quality standards are maintained on pharmaceutical packaging lines.

The new Lixis SVC is able to inspect blister packs filled with any kind of tablets or capsules in PVC, aluminium and a wide range of other forming materials.

The equipment offers complete peace of mind by carrying out various error searches including confirming the presence of tablets, their size, shape and positioning, checking whether they are chipped or broken, and identifying overfilled or empty blisters.

In addition, the system can check for foreign objects or false products, as well as colour spots and stains within the surface structure of the pack.

The SVC is fully compliant with a range of quality assurance accreditations, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and can be specified with biometric user identification. It is also able to provide detailed production reports, and defective images can be stored in the system for subsequent further analysis.

The machine features an easy to use interface incorporating Lixis software with onscreen help and interactive tutorial facility that ensures fast set-up and changeovers – ideal in a busy production environment.

The industrial PC-based system has an Ethernet connection for remote support and a centralisation module is able to control other online inspection equipment such as pinhole detectors, film splice sensors and bar code readers.

Optional integrated bar code readers, pinhole detection and splice detection from the extensive Lixis product range can also be specified.

The SVC’s compact easy-to-clean design, manufactured in line with cGMP guidelines, can be easily integrated into any type of blister machine.

“In the fast moving and competitive pharmaceutical sector, ensuring complete product quality and safety is essential,” comments Travtec Group managing director Harry Thomason.

“The excellent characteristics of the SVC’s vision technology guarantee that 100% of items are accurately packed, and eliminates the costs related to operator errors.”


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