Using technology to drive accuracy in temperature measurements for industrial processes


AMETEK Land is a world leader in industrial infrared non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions monitoring.  

Although the company started out in the steel industry 75 years ago, there are requirements for precision non-contact temperature monitoring instruments in many other manufacturing industries due to high temperatures and harsh, challenging environments. These include metals, glass, hydrocarbon processing and power, as well as medical, aerospace, automotive and plastics. 

These industries present a range of challenges, particularly around emissions, safety, and energy efficiency.  Evolving technology is key to meeting these challenges; providing accurate non-contact temperature monitoring of substances and positions in the process that were previously un-measurable either because it was too dangerous manually, or impossible to guess at the emissions by how smoky the air looked! 

Process temperature is the key parameter that determines product quality and efficiency.  Too cold, and chemical reactions slow or stop, or solid products become less ductile resulting in damage at later processing stages.  Too hot, and unwanted chemical reactions may occur, emissions increase, the surface finish may be affected, infrastructure can be damaged and the process wastes energy.  

AMETEK Land has developed instruments that enable precise temperature monitoring and control which leads to increased throughput of a higher quality product, and safety of the operator.  Its products are becoming smarter, with more advanced processing and I/O onboard, and embedded webservers for remote configuration.  

With fixed and portable non-contact thermometers and pyrometers, thermal imagers, line scanners and gas analysers, AMETEK Land supports a wide range of industries, ensuring the highest standards of process control and safety, and product quality are reached. 

Along with its partnerships with research and development institutes, AMETEK Land is continuing to push the boundaries of technology. For more information visit:


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