USB 3.0 Bridging IC Supports Video Class Operation


Continuing to drive innovation in USB technology, FTDI Chip has now introduced a series of USB 3.0 UVC class bridge ICs. The company’s FT602 devices support the streaming of video content from high definition camera equipment. This means that imaging systems which would have previously only been capable of delivering relatively low resolution material can gain substantially elevated video quality but still run at 60fps frame rates. Improved performance can be benefitted from while viewing captured imaging data via standard UVC enabled hardware and commonly used media player platforms (such as VLC Player). This ensures greater convenience – with minimal investment being needed to upgrade existing systems, or to design and deploy new systems from scratch. No custom drivers are required, thereby permitting straightforward plug-and-play implementation. The FT602 series complements FTDI Chip’s already available FT600 and FT601 product offerings, presenting development engineers with the industry’s most comprehensive USB 3.0 portfolio. These latest devices are capable of providing both USB 3.0 SuperSpeed (5Gbps) and USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbps) interfacing. They each incorporate a 32-bit parallel FIFO interface for data streaming and a UART interface for control path configuration.


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