A new range of universal digital temperature transmitters which incorporate a host of features making them very flexible and easy-to-use have been introduced by sensing and instrumentation specialists BAUMER.

The FlexTop 2212 and 2222 have been designed to provide a market leading performance with features such as an integrated micro-USB port, automated cable compensation and a fast sampling response time of less than 50ms.

They have been designed to offer optimum application flexibility along with durability enabling them to withstand challenging environments such those with vibrations and humidity. Their 4 – 20mA analog outputs are powered through the current loop, while the 2222 version is also enabled for HART communication.

The sensor outputs can be configured for resistance thermometers and thermocouples, resistance sensors and also voltage signals and depending on requirements, a 2, 3 or 4-wire output can be selected. This ensures that they are extremely flexible across a range of systems and applications, helping users to minimise stock levels and reduce costs.

The standard interface allows for simple and direct programming at any time, at any location, without the need for an additional interface. Additional features include a multi-coloured indicator light which provides operators with clear visual indication of the status of measured values which also simplifies diagnostics and helps with trouble-shooting.

Both the 2212 and 2222 are prepared for direct display connection using UnitCom cables enabling easy on-site operation via the touch screen helping to eliminate conversion errors.



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