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LG Motion based in Basingstoke design, develop and manufacture motion control products and systems and have an enviable reputation as a technology leader in their field working closely with industrial partners and research institutions.

In this article we want to focus on one of the most successful products which LG Motion has been manufacturing for many years. With over 1 million supplied throughout the world the simple and rugged design of UniSlide has proved its worth in thousands of applications across a wide range of industries.

What does UniSlide offer?

If you need precise, versatile movement in one, two or three dimensions a UniSlide linear slide which can be used as a manual or motorised unit provides a simple and versatile solution.

Design features

A unique rigid dovetail design manufactured in a light weight high-strength aluminium alloy, UniSlide is corrosion resistant, can withstand impact loads and is non-magnetic. It is suitable for use in vacuum, 10-6 torr. Being modular in design it is especially suitable for multi-axis combinations.

Low friction polymer bearings are fitted to the slider to ensure maintenance free long life. The dovetail surfaces are precision machined and lapped. Customising options are available and delivery of the product is usually within one week

Typical Applications

Almost too numerous to mention as this versatile product can be used in so many applications including alignment, camera positioning, optical focusing, ultrasonic scanning, laser beam alignment to name a few. Often used in QA and QC inspection processes, pick and place, pcb drilling and routing this all-rounder has few limitations on its use.

Dedicated knowledge and experience

LG Motion is proud of its years of experience in the design and manufacture of linear slides. The specialist team can offer the customer a unique wealth of experience to ensure that just the right product is provided for the application.

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