Understanding piping systems


Piping systems often require, rotation in multiple axis, pipes needing flexibility to raise, lower or otherwise direct a flow of fluid. Here at Rotaflow we often produce assembles in a variety of styles, allowing for full rotation in multiple axis, shown here is what we call a Style 6, allowing two axis of rotation to allow directing pipes through any angle.

Such joints can be straightforward off-the-shelf designs or very much more complicated depending on the clients needs. They are useful in pretty much all areas of engineering to solve issues where fluids needs to be transferred across a rotating surface under pressure without any leakage.

When required we comply to PED, API 17D, ASME and DNV OS E101, E201, ABS CDS. We are regularly audited and have ISO and PED certification ISO9001:2008 and Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.



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