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Ultrapolymers Limited is a leading polymer distributor.  Our aim is to provide a high-quality service and expert technical consultation.  Ultrapolymers’ philosophy is to work in partnership with designers, converters and OEMs from the inception of a project, providing a significant competitive advantage through effective material selection, improved part performance and process optimisation.


Our experienced team is on hand to provide advice and guidance in overcoming the challenges faced when designing with plastic.  Our consultative approach is designed to match your requirements with the most appropriate material options and then to support the development through all stages to final production.
New innovations in polymer technology have opened up opportunities for a design-led approach to overcome traditional challenges.  Developing partnerships throughout the product development chain allows for Ultrapolymers to offer support and guidance.


In the design stages we can offer our experience in a wide range of applications and markets.  Ultrapolymers and our partners can offer guidance in topics such as:

  • Common issues in component design.
  • Design features to avoid when using certain materials.
  • Trade-offs between aesthetics and mechanical performance.

When it comes to material selection, Ultrapolymers’ extensive material portfolio allows us to promote the most suitable material for the job.  Material selection discussions will take into account:

  • Component requirements
  • Additive requirements
  • Environment
  • Key differentiators (e.g. weight reduction)
  • Processing considerations
  • Commercial requirements


Once initial design and material selection have been confirmed, we can offer our guidance on how to make part production more efficient.  This can be achieved by:

  • Reducing the number of components (i.e. part integration)
  • Modifiying fixings ( e.g. replacing screws with clips)
  • Reducing component wall thickness

Utilising tools such as Moldflow® analysis can help to optimise component design together with predicting how the mould will fill.  Ultrapolymers can offer this service on a project basis allowing us to study:

  • Fill analysis
  • Gas entrapment
  • Surface quality
  • Warpage analysis


Tooling is one of the most costly aspects of new product development and many projects fail here.  If a tool is designed and manufactured correctly, it can go into service immediately. If, on the other hand, it has been designed and manufactured badly, then a lot of time and money can be lost with remedial work.  Combining services such as Moldflow® analysis, together with design and material selection support, Ultrapolymers can improve the chances of the tooling and first production runs being successful.

Once the tools have been successfully commissioned comes the time to start moulding production parts. Ultrapolymers’ experienced commercial team can coordinate rapid supply of sampling material. Our job doesn’t end with a bag of material being suppled. This is just the beginning. Our highly skilled and technically trained Business Development Managers are on hand with technical and practical support to aid you in achieving first-off components that meet with your and your customers’ requirements.


Once good quality components have been produced, the next step is process optimisation. This includes:

  • Improving repeatability
  • Improving efficiency
  • Reducing production time
  • Minimising costs


Manufacturing plastic moulded parts is not all about achieving the shortest possible cycle time. Sometimes the best way forward is to compromise slightly on this to get a better and more consistent component. Ultrapolymers is on hand to support you with striking this balance.


Consistency of material supply is the key to a successful production environment. Without this the whole production plan can fall apart. Ultrapolymers partners with market-leading polymer manufacturers with high quality standards, and carries extensive stocks at our centrally located UK warehouse.

We will be at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics, so please visit us at Stand P31 to discuss any of your product design or moulding enquiries. Please call us on +44 (0)1925 750320 or email sales@ultrapolymers.co.uk.


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