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AMETEK Land, a leading manufacturer of instrumentation and analysers for non-contact industrial infrared temperature measurements, combustion efficiency and environmental pollutant emissions, has a reputation for producing innovative, resilient measurement technologies designed to operate in the most challenging conditions.

Its wide range of highly accurate measurement solutions can be tailored to meet the unique needs of every customer, with unrivalled expertise in various applications for process safety, process control, and product quality.

AMETEK Land’s single-point pyrometer portfolio is led by the innovative SPOT+ series, which combines EtherNet/IP, REST API, web server, Modbus TCP, image streaming, analogue and alarm outputs within a single standalone device.

The SPOT+ makes non-contact temperature measurement accurate, flexible, and easy to use, with a patented pulsed LED sighting pattern to ensure optimum focus, and advanced software support.

With monochromatic, ratio, and multi-mode, application-specific models available, the SPOT+ series provides solutions for applications throughout many industries, including power generation, aluminium, steel, and industrial processing.

AMETEK Land also supplies dedicated systems for key applications such as glass furnaces and slag detection in liquid metal tapping. These utilise the company’s extensive array of thermal imaging products, which includes borescope cameras.

With decarbonisation and process efficiency becoming increasingly important issues, AMETEK Land’s thermal imaging range encompasses near-infrared, medium-wavelength, and long-wavelength models that can provide effective furnace monitoring.

In-furnace thermal imaging generates data that supports predictive control, improves quality and yield, and reduces waste as the first step to decarbonisation.

With the ability to produce a continuous, accurate thermal profile of the furnace in real-time, as well as being able to take temperature measurements at any point in the process and in any location within the furnace, thermal imaging can provide invaluable data for the operation of any modern steel, non-ferrous and glass plant.


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