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Titan Enterprises has released video tutorials illustrating the correct wiring of its pulse precision flow measurement devices to support customers with the installation of flow meters into their applications.

Wiring a flow meter is often second nature to experienced engineers within the flow metering industry and may seem intuitive for established customers. However, Titan’s flow meters are used throughout a wide variety of industries, processes and applications. New customers unfamiliar with Titan’s flow metering solutions may find themselves in turbulent water if the meters are wired incorrectly during the installation process.

Most Titan’s flow meters use transistors that can be damaged through simple wiring mistakes, resulting in a defunct meter. By providing customers with clear visual instruction on how to install a flow meter and correctly wire it to the power source, the company aims to save customers time and money by avoiding what are essentially preventable errors.

“Although all Titan flow measurement devices are supported with written data and instruction sheets, through our ISO 9001 examination of returns and call logs, we have found that a large percentage of flow meter installation issues result from mis-wiring,” said Jeremy Thorne, Production Manager at Titan Enterprises.

Research shows that a large proportion of people consult a video when learning something new. Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer at Titan Enterprises, commented: “For customers who are new to our flow meters, visual demonstrations for wiring the flow measurement devices will help to reduce simple errors that cost customers time and money.

“YouTube is a very accessible platform and is a great delivery method for Titan flow meter instructional videos. As we don’t carry out on-site flow meter installations ourselves, providing visual tutorials is a useful way to illustrate correct wiring methods which we anticipate will reduce the number of unnecessary returns and rebuilds.”

Video tutorials currently available on the Titan website include wiring requirements for Titan’s beverage flow meter, turbine flow meters within Titan’s 800 series, 900 series and FT2 flow transducers, plus Titan’s OG2 oval gear flow meter.

The company says it will be expanding its flow metering instruction videos to include its full range of flow meter devices to help customers get the best out of their meters and ensure that the meters perform to their most efficient levels within customer applications.


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