Tom Parker Ltd introduce FasTest’s pioneering range


With over 40 years’ experience, Tom Parker Ltd is renowned throughout the UK fluid power industry as one of the leading distributors of pneumatic and hydraulic products.

Tom Parker Ltd have gained this reputation by focusing on supplying cost-effective, innovative, global connection solutions. Their newly launched biennial product catalogue contains 34,000 high quality items from over 90 market-leading brands.

Tom Parker Ltd is pleased to announce that they have secured an exclusive UK distributorship with US company FasTest, further strengthening their already impressive portfolio.

Since 1985, FasTest has manufactured a wide range of quick test connectors and valves, designed for the industrial manufacturing, HVAC-R and compressed gas industries. They have secured more than 50 US and international patents for their state-of-the-art products, which improve testing and manufacturing processes whilst maximising efficiency, productivity and profitability.

FasTest’s ground-breaking FE and FI Connector Series were designed to improve automated product testing and provide fast, leak-free connections for testing vacuum and pressure applications, fluid filling and flushing. The connectors, suitable for use with air, gas or liquid, are manufactured with a superior performance seal material and are highly adaptable for pick and place robotic systems. They are easy to use, hardwearing, reliable and suitable for testing up to 500 PSI.

Another of FasTest’s key product lines, the TwistMate Series, provides easy connection of internal and external threads and compression fittings, featuring a unique, hand-tight twist to connect feature. It is suitable for vacuum and pressure test applications up to 10,000 PSI and provides seal vacuum to 5000 PSI.

With a highly durable, stainless steel construction, these connectors can withstand demanding production environments, ensuring leak-proof sealing without the need for taping, thread sealants or wrench tightening. The TwistMate automatically seals when the main seal is pressed against the test piece and the system is pressurised with air, gas or hydraulic pressure.

This greatly reduces the number of test errors that lead to product loss, damage repair costs and time wastage. This series is both safe and simple to use, with no risk of pressure build-up in closed hydraulic systems.

As exclusive distributors to the UK, Tom Parker Ltd is delighted to now offer FasTest’s product ranges to their customers. Always a step ahead, Tom Parker Ltd can be counted on to source efficient, high quality, cost effective products for their customers.


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