Titan’s Metraflow® Ultra Clean PFA Ultrasonic Flowmeter


The non-invasive nature and single clean bore feature of Titan Enterprises’ Metraflow® ultrasonic flowmeter makes it the superior choice for various applications within the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. A technologically advanced and highly specialised flow measuring device, the Metraflow® is designed to meet the demanding requirements of industries where the purity and accuracy of flow measurements are crucial, especially when dealing with critical fluids like ultra-pure water (UPW).

In-line ultrasonic flow meters offer several advantages for the pharmaceutical industry:

  1. Hygienic Design: The pharmaceutical industry requires strict cleanliness and hygiene standards, and the FDA-approved high-performance PFA polymer tubing in the Metraflow® ensures excellent chemical compatibility and a high level of purity. The absence of internal moving parts in the Metraflow® makes it a non-intrusive flow meter. This design not only enhances its longevity but also reduces the risk of contamination, the single, clear bore removing any risk of nucleation or leak points where impurities could cause product contamination or impact process efficiency.
  2. Process Optimisation: Flow meters play a vital role in optimising various pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. For example, in wet granulation, where liquid binders are added to the mixture of active ingredients, precise flow measurement ensures the correct amount of binder is added, leading to improved tablet quality and consistency. 
  3. Accurate Measurement: Ultrasonic flow meters use sound waves (ultrasound) to measure flow velocity and volume. The Metraflow® incorporates Titan’s patented time-of-flight ultrasonic technology with sophisticated electronics, supported with Titan’s proprietary USB interface software. This technology allows for precise and reliable measurements of ultra-pure liquids, the Metraflow® giving an accuracy of ±0.5% FSD and ±0.1% repeatability across flow ranges from 20 to 5000 ml/min.
  4. Cost Efficiency: By accurately measuring and controlling the flow of critical fluids, pharmaceutical companies can minimise product waste and improve overall process efficiency. This can lead to cost savings and increased profitability, which is essential in a highly competitive industry.

The effectiveness and reliability of ultrasonic flowmeters for pharmaceutical applications is reinforced with top pharmaceutical companies using these devices to streamline their manufacturing techniques. These companies prioritise quality and efficiency in their manufacturing processes, and the adoption of this highly reliable technology reflects its suitability for their needs. Due to its non-intrusive, sanitary, and accurate measurement capabilities, the Metraflow® helps ensure the integrity and sterility of critical fluids while optimising manufacturing processes, ultimately contributing to improved product quality and profitability.

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