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As we head into Autumn, it is an excellent time to look back at the summer period and understand how control systems fared over the summer period. According to Rittal UK, if you saw Electrical equipment under stress, unexpected breakdowns or needed emergency repairs on critical equipment now is the perfect time to put plans into place to make your life easier when next summer hits.

Servicing, upgrading, or even specifying some new climate control to protect your equipment is one of the most effective ways to create a protective environment for your sensitive electrical equipment within your enclosures and ensure it lasts for many summers to come.

Even if your cooling equipment is up to date, there is always an opportunity to make small improvements to increase your overall efficiency.

A great example is the implementation of Industry 4.0 principles; simply put, this is taking any data generated by cooling equipment and allowing it to be directly reported into your building management systems or straight to the relevant person in charge of managing the health of your electrical equipment.

This reduces the need for a daily walk around with a clipboard, making notes of any issues. This old-style approach can result in things being missed and breakdowns occurring unexpectedly; however, with solutions now available, you can choose to have e-mails sent directly to key personnel whenever limits have been reached, and warning flags are showing. This means staff are utilised more efficiently and can be safe in the mind that they will be notified if any issues begin to arise.

That is where Rittal can help. Over the next three months, the company will cover a different theme related to climate control but with the focus on how you can utilise this information to get the most out of your equipment; by creating that protective environment and allowing it to thrive stay healthy.

The next three months topics are going to be as follows, with different media every week to support the overarching theme –

September  – The fundamentals of cooling
October – Service & maintenance of cooling equipment
November – Focus on the cooling industry

If you feel like any of the topics mentioned above would be of benefit to you, then keep your eyes peeled on Rittal’s social channels for the content to begin rolling in September.



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