The Rotaflow Swivel Joint


A rotary union, or ‘Swivel Joint’ is used to transfer fluid across a rotating interface. At Rotaflow we have over 34+ years of experience and we have produced Swivel Joints for many bespoke applications within all areas of engineering and all over the world: From Brewery, Food and Drink, Process, Drilling & Mining, Oil & Gas to Nuclear, Chemical and Subsea… so if you need fluids, including air, steam, gases to be transferred without leakage our design team can help.

The Rotaflow Swivel Joint shown here is being tested at 22,500psi it has 8 flows which carry hydraulic fluid to operate 8 valves on the sea bed. We are very proud that the swivel is onboard ship allowing the hose reel to pay out up to 2km of hose to the sea bed. Rotaflow also manufacture Subsea Swivels with the capacity to resist ingress of sea water at depth and with the strength to carry pipe lengths of steel which in turn can impart high bending loads.

When required we comply to PED, API 17D, ASME and DNV OS E101, E201, ABS CDS. We are regularly audited and have ISO and PED certification ISO9001:2008 and Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.


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