The Performance Advantages of Contrinex’s Miniature M5 Background-Suppression Photoelectric Sensors Are ‘Black & White’🦓


Contrinex’s state-of-the-art miniature Background-Suppression photoelectric sensors pack powerful performance into their small M5 (threaded 5mm diameter) x 35mm long body. For comparison, a match is typically 3.7mm wide at the tip and 57mm long.

The 25mm sensing distance and rugged stainless steel housing make embedding it into assembly machines easier. Its 3.1mm diameter, 2m long, PUR-sleeved cable offers enhanced flexibility and robustness, for example, in installations with movement.

The industry-leading performance gives a sensor with a narrow focused red-light spot of only Ø5 mm at 10 mm or Ø8 mm at a 20 mm distance with precise background suppression, enabling it to detect the presence of any obstacle regardless of colour, brightness, or angle. The advantages aren’t just ‘black and white’; these sensors reliably detect the target, even if it is black or white.

Using IO-Link, the sensor can be switched into ‘Fine’, ‘Fast’ or ‘Normal’ operation modes with switching frequencies of ≤ 250 Hz/ ≤1 KHz/ ≤500 Hz, respectively. This can be controlled by a PLC, perhaps on different production runs or offline, using the PocketCodr mobile phone and tablet-based app before installation. A preventative maintenance ‘stability alarm’ is available over IO-Link, reporting to the PLC when non-ideal detections are occurring or when they have been resolved to warn of potential problems.


🕵️‍♂️ Exceptionally reliable, industry-leading background-suppression detection

🐁 Small but powerful – M5 x 35mm long body and Ø 3.1mm cable

📏 Long 25mm sensing range

⏱️ Fast switching mode of ≤1 KHz

💪 Robust stainless steel metal housing and PUR cable

🔎 Shatter-resistant PBT/PMMA optics, lighter & tougher than glass

🔦 Focused beam – Ø5mm at 10 mm /  Ø8mm at 20 mm

🔧 Preventative Maintenance alarm over IO-Link

🌡️ -25°C to +65°C

🎛️ IO-Link – Ideal for Industry 4 and offering Plug and Play swap-out.

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With over 2,000 sensors in UK stock, supported by stock held in Europe and short manufacturing lead times, they’d welcome the opportunity to talk about improving automation and machine performance, or how to reduce costs.


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