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In the heart of the UK’s bustling machine-building industry, one machine builder found themselves in a bind. Their existing valve island system was lagging behind, unable to meet the performance demands of today’s fast-paced environment. That’s where Camozzi Automation UK stepped in, armed with the Series D pneumatic valve island.

The problem facing Camozzi Automation’s customer wasn’t just about finding a piece of machinery; it was about finding the best solution. The client’s unique specifications and the need to increase efficiency – reducing costs – were challenges that needed a bespoke solution. The Series D’s design offered a promising start with its easy installation and flexibility. But what truly made the difference was Camozzi’s ability to build the valve island entirely to the customer’s specifications, right here in the UK.

Camozzi’s technical team sat down with the client, understanding its needs and crafting a plan. It was a collaboration that went beyond mere transactions, transforming into a partnership where both sides worked towards a common goal. The result saw a doubling of the previous valve island’s performance, something that off-the-shelf solutions couldn’t achieve.

But the story doesn’t end there. The partnership introduced the client to CoilVision software, a tool that can monitor and predict the wear and performance of parts of solenoid valves. No longer were the machine builders left guessing about maintenance; they had a tool that would guide them and ensure their system’s longevity.

The Series D itself turned out to be a real game-changer. Its single pneumatic and electrical subbases, combined with an intuitive valve-connection system, allowed complex pneumatic functions to become quick and effortless. Whether it was multipole or serial communication versions, the Series D was ready to integrate with the existing setup, all without missing a beat.

Leveraging the Industry 4.0 capabilities of the Series D valve island, the machine builder has future-proofed its systems, a move that demonstrates foresight and strategic thinking. The innovative technology will allow it to enhance the adaptability and efficiency of its machines without the need to modify or replace the Series D when moving forwards. The company is now equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow, not just the demands of today.

Reflecting on this journey, it’s clear that the collaboration between Camozzi Automation UK and the machine builder was more than a business deal; it was a story of innovation, understanding, and teamwork. The Series D Valve Island wasn’t merely a product; it became the protagonist of a success story, embodying the flexibility and adaptability needed in today’s challenging landscape.

In the end, the machine builder didn’t just get a valve island; it received a solution that was crafted to specifically meet the project’s needs. And Camozzi Automation UK proved that sometimes, the path to performance and success isn’t about picking a product off the shelf but about taking the time to understand, innovate, and build solutions that truly make a difference. That’s the real power of partnership, and it’s a lesson that will resonate with machine builders across the UK.


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