The One Stop Shop Solution For Stainless Steel


Stainless steel stockist, UKF Stainless Ltd  – part of the UKF Group – have made a name for themselves as a true One Stop Shop Solution. Thanks to their latest purchase of BLM Group’s LaserTube5 machine, they have been able to provide their Customers with cleaner and more accurate cut components whilst reducing the lead times and manufacturing costs.

Freedom and Possibility

Laser cutting is the latest addition to UKF’s range of services that already includes: perforation, manipulation, polishing and traditional cutting.

The LaserTube5 – also known as LT5 – has freed UKF from the restraints of traditional cutting methods and provided their Customers with an unmatched level of creative freedom and possibility.  Cutting, drilling, etching, notching, punching and slotting can all be combined into a single process at a burr-free high quality standard.

For further flexibility, UKF is able to apply changes to the Customer’s design in an instant – due to Artube, our in-house CAD-CAM software. The freedom to adjust designs in-between operations allows for rapid prototyping and any design issues to be resolved on-site.

UKF’s laser specialist, Ashley Parkes said, “The LT5 is extremely versatile, it can create almost any cut feature or geometry on a tube in a manner that is fast, efficient and precise. This in turn provides better lead times and better savings for our customers.”

From As Welded Automotive Tube to Marine Grade Handrail

The UKF Group offers one of the most complete stocks of welded stainless steel tube, sourced from a supply network of sustainable partners. Including a recently bolstered range of continuously perforate tube, that now includes 70mm, 88.9mm and 101.6mm diameter sizes.

From as welded automotive tube to marine grade handrail, UKF’s stock appeals to a wide range of industries. Thanks to their own fleet of lorries and strategically located depots, the UKF Group have nationwide delivering capabilities.

In an effort to improve their accessibility to their Customers, the UKF Group’s has taken the bold step of embracing the growing e-commerce potential for the steelwork sector. The UKF Group’s subsidiary company, Ferrari Stainless & Alloys Ltd has opened an eBay store, from which they provide over 1,200 variations of their products to businesses of all sizes across the United Kingdom. This innovative approach to the 24/7 culture – we currently find ourselves in – has made the UKF Group’s products and services just one click of a button from their Customers no matter when or where they may be.


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