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MEPCA recently interviewed Paul Wilson of Scorpion Vision for an in-depth look into their 3D Robot Vision technology

Can you tell us a bit about Scorpion Vision and what you do?

We are machine vision specialists with two business divisions:

  1. We sell machine vision components
  2. We develop machine vision systems

Can you tell us how the 3D Stinger evolved?

Tordivel, our parent company started developing 3D machine vision in 2008. Initially, it was with two cameras in a stereo pair, or a single camera with laser triangulation. As we continued to work with 3D we quickly understood the challenges of deploying 3D vision in a factory environment. The process of calibrating 3D cameras was a challenge and keeping that calibration was difficult. So the 3D Stinger evolved over the next couple of years with robust industrial housings, with the cameras fixed inside, along with more technology to improve the ability to get a 3D model. The cameras were also enhanced with additional features such as Random Pattern Projection (RPP) and infrared light sources.

What is the process that the 3D Stinger carries out?

It takes multiple images in sequence, switching between white or IR LED and RPP laser before combining all this image data. Scorpion Vision software processes the image data with 3D algorithms to create robust 3D point clouds and models. It does this in a few hundred milliseconds or less.

What makes the 3D Stinger cameras different?

The Stinger design is very flexible. There is not one camera configuration that will solve all jobs. Instead we have a base design from which we build a bespoke camera for the job in hand. The features may change depending on the application and environment, with interchangeable optics, light sources, laser patterns, etc.

Have you had any feedback from customers that have used the 3D Stinger?

In the UK we have a 100% success rate with Scorpion 3D Stinger. It’s been used in a broad range of applications, including:

– labelling cheese wedges

– cutting fruit and vegetables

– 3D robot vision for picking engine blocks

– drum de-nesting




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