The Latest Vision System that Simultaneously Provides 2D and 3D Inspection


Through Pattern Projection Lighting, Keyence introduces a new level of inspection not possible with conventional machine vision systems. The CV-X/XG-X Series system pairs an ultra-high-speed CMOS sensor and processor with a light source projecting multiple stripe patterns at high speed. A 3D image is generated from this, accurately capturing the target appearance by analysing the light reflected in real-time. The fusion of lighting, camera and controller enables unprecedented stable detection with the addition of height data.

The system is designed to be simple, robust and for any user. Simultaneous 2D and 3D inspection removes any influence from surface conditions or contrast thus dramatically improving inspection stability. Using the menu-driven guidance screen, 3D inspection is made simple producing the optimal image every time.

Pattern Projection Lighting is a game changer for numerous applications. The light source resolves challenges for a wide range of industries, allowing the inspection of small and large parts with two light sizes, 125mm and 250mm.

The new dedicated 3D toolset enables 3D comparison, shape detection, and cross-sectional area. This means one can take a diverse approach to inspection, optimising solutions to previously challenging inspections. Particularly, 3D comparison is a tool for detecting variations in appearance by comparing with a registered 3D appearance and extracting all differences. As it conducts its comparison, this one tool can handle multiple inspection items such as product type difference checks and presence/absence inspections, all at once.

The light source also includes LumiTrax™ Mode, along with a new Outline Capture Mode, both resolving problems with conventional imaging and ensuring the system can meet the application requirements. LumiTrax™ is a capture method that generates shape (irregularity) images and texture (pattern) images via analysis of multiple images with directional lighting. Outline Capture generates profile and profile composite images with the edges of height differences calculated enabling stable detection even on low contrast targets. The combination ensures best-in-class detection capability and unparalleled analysis.

When it comes to cameras, Keyence boasts a versatile line-up, including 0.31 to 21-megapixel cameras, ultra-small cameras, and IP rated cameras. Users can select the ideal option for their application, from simple presence/ absence inspections to wide field, high accuracy product appearance inspections with our cutting-edge algorithms available across the range.

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