Switchtec’s range of Thermal Management components are essential to maintain constant temperatures with Control Panels.


Distributor Switchtec has extended its range of Climate Control Components used to manage and control the environment within Control Panels.

Control panel manufactures know too well that all electrical and electronic components generate heat, and this heat needs to be controlled to ensure efficient panel design and performance. Excessive temperatures, at least, cause components to operate inefficiently or, at most, shorten their lifespan and increase component failures.  Fluctuations in temperatures can also bring the added complication of condensation and moisture inside a Control Panel which can be extremely detrimental to any electrical device installed inside.

To ensure optimal panel performance Switchtec has a range of Panel Ventilation products which include Fan-and-Filter units, available in 5 frame sizes from 114x114mm, 36m3/h airflow to 325x325mm, 920m3/h airflow. The units are a quick snap fit, low profile, design with an Ingress protection of IP54 and available in RAL7035. The Fan used in the Fan-and-Filter units is a quiet running sealed ball bearing making them whisper quiet. The air flow direction is easily reversible, from impelling cold air, to expelling hot air, by simply removing and reversing the Fan on the back of the filter.

Switchtec also offer a range of Axial Frame Fans which are high quality and all use shielded ball bearings, manufactured from die cast aluminium casings and Fiberglass reinforced impellers.

For condensation prevention Switchtec also offers a range of Anti-condensation heaters which are DIN rail mountable, have IP20 touch proof connection terminals, and are manufactured from Anodised extruded aluminium. Available in 4 sizes, 20, 45, 60 and 100 Watt in 110-240VAC.

To control the heating and cooling devices within a panel are Switchtec’s range of panel thermostats. These thermostats are DIN Rail mounted with a compact space saving design. Available with a Normally Open contact for cooling, a Normally Closed for heating or a twin device with a Normally Open and a Normally Closed contact. These use a Bi-metal element to control a 10A contact enabling them to be able to directly control any Fan or Heater from the range.

To accompany the range Switchtec are also able to offer a range of Roof mounted Fans and Panel Mounted Air conditioners for larger enclosures or for when conditions get hot.

All products are available from stock or on short delivery times. Switchtec field sales engineers are available to provide product selection and general design assistance.



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