Switches Are KEMA-Certified For IEC 61850


The 4800E series 19″ Managed Switches from Phoenix Contact have been successfully tested by the world-renowned KEMA institute according to the requirements of IEC 61850-3 (as amended in 2013, Edition 2).


Having established test values and test stringency rates, we are now able to issue certification. The certificate confirms the compatibility of Managed Switches for use in the energy sector.


The appliances have a port density of 28 ports, including four Gigabit Combo Ports, per single rack unit. For the various FO technologies, e.g., single mode or multimode, there are various plug variants, e.g., LC, ST, and SC available.


As well as the (now) KEMA-certified, robust 19″ switches, Phoenix Contact also supplies matching media converters and redundancy modules for the energy sector. This product portfolio therefore allows the construction of high-availability networks in energy applications according to IEC 61850.


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