Submersible hydrostatic level transmitters in titanium


A range of slimline submersible hydrostatic transmitters for depth and level measurement applications is now available from instrumentation specialist Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd.

The VersaLine VL4500 series of titanium-housed submersible pressure transmitters is specially designed for depth and level measurements of ground, surface, waste and seawater. Typical applications include small size boreholes, wells, dams, irrigation, sewage lift stations, rivers, estuaries and oceanography.

VL4500 pressure transmitters benefit from a titanium housing that provides protection from virtually any harsh environment, particularly seawater, brackish (briny water) and aggressive chemicals where stainless steel is deemed unsuitable.

The standard polyurethane vented cable is moulded to the transmitter, providing the highest integrity waterproof assembly, which is already well proven in thousands of installations worldwide. In deep water or deep well applications, where longer length cables up to 1,500 metres are required, Kevlar cable can be specified, which avoids cable elongation. FEP cable is also available as an option for harsh environments.

The sensing technology on the VL4500 series is a highly stable Piezoresistive element, which is manufactured from micro-machined silicon and supported by more than 20 years’ experience in depth and level measurement. The sensing element is isolated from the media by a titanium diaphragm, which provides high reliability in long-term installations. Reliability is further enhanced by an anti-shock nose cone, specifically designed to protect against water hammer (i.e. a pressure surge or wave) and other external hazards.

Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: “With a choice of millivolt [low power]or current [4-20mA] configurations¸ small physical size and a wide range of pressures, the VL4500 series will satisfy most applications for water level monitoring and control. We can also provide other sensors from our VersaLine series that include even smaller sizes, clog-free transmitters for raw sewage, intrinsically safe transmitters for hazardous environments.”

Supplied with a 5-year corrosion warranty, the VersaLine VL4500 series operates in temperatures from -20°C to +80°C. Pressure ranges are 1mWG to 200mWG. Combined accuracy (non-linearity, hysteresis and repeatability) is +/-0.1% FS (BSL) and +/-0.25% FS (BSL).

An extensive range of accessories for the VersaLine series is available including sink weights, cable hangers and a unique method of avoiding water ingress through the breather tube for vented gauge transmitters. Other options include calibration adapters, lightning protection, cable termination boxes and HART communications protocol.

For more information on the VersaLine series of pressure transmitters, please visit the website at or call the sales department on 0118 981 7980.


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