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In today’s manufacturing industry, data utilisation is critical for operational excellence. The Bosch Device Bridge, paired with ctrlX core technology, streamlines data connectivity and transformation from diverse Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and devices. This software enhances data collection, reduces network congestion, and empowers Industry 4.0 possibilities.

Efficient data collection: Bosch Device Bridge offers a single, secure connectivity solution for various industrial assets, like CNC machines, PLCs, and sensors. By centralising data sources it simplifies data acquisition and prevents valuable insights from scattering.

Efficient data processing: After collecting data, Bosch Device Bridge applies built-in transformations before transmission, minimising network traffic. Users can implement these transformations without complex coding, swiftly adapting to changing requirements.

No code or low code transformations: Users can choose from pre-built common transformations for popular data types or formats, eliminating custom development delays and accelerating value delivery.

Custom transformations with Blockly low code: For specific data processing needs, Bosch Device Bridge integrates Blockly low code. This visual programming interface simplifies creating custom transformations without extensive coding, ensuring tailored insights.

Industry 4.0 integration: Bosch Device Bridge bridges industrial assets with IT applications like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). It acquires, processes, and delivers manufacturing data, facilitating seamless integration into the Industry 4.0 ecosystem. This real-time visibility enhances decision-making, optimises production, and boosts efficiency.

Scalability and security: The app scales with manufacturing organisations’ growth, connecting to legacy and new assets for future-proof compatibility. Robust encryption and authentication protocols secure sensitive manufacturing data.

Bosch Device Bridge, with ctrlX core technology, provides a comprehensive solution for industrial data connectivity and transformation. It seamlessly integrates with various PLCs and devices, streamlining data collection, reducing network congestion, and optimising processing. Manufacturers can use common transformations or create custom ones with Blockly low code, unlocking valuable insights and advancing Industry 4.0 initiatives. Bosch Device Bridge empowers manufacturers to embrace data-driven strategies and excel in the evolving manufacturing landscape.


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