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Status Instruments Ltd was founded in 1982, designing and manufacturing products specialising in process measurement instrumentation for a variety of industries from waste products to F1.

Status’ reputation goes before them. Customers like dealing with Status because they offer the ‘personal touch’. They have worked out the balance of good quality products at affordable prices with outstanding technical and customer support. Ian Pullin (MD) states, ‘I go out to customers and meet them face to face, this helps with understanding directly their needs which in turn is fed back into our internal processes.’

He goes on to say ‘We have always designed our products with reliability in mind. Once they’re sold we don’t want to see them returned! To this end we only buy components from official component manufacturer approved suppliers and when these products are used in the product design, they are operating well within their own specification. This in turn contributes to product reliability and is in turn backed up by a 5 year warranty on our products.

Having 35 years in the business, Status has gone through some major milestones, from the management buy out in 2006, to the purchase of a new home in 2012, which allowed them to build on their past successes even further. With the rate that technology shifts, the business has to keep adapting to the market’s needs. An upcoming shift on the horizon is how the business may be affected by Britain leaving the EU.

50% of Status’ turnover is generated from exporting to the rest of the world and they are keeping a keen eye on the outcome of Brexit. Although Article 50 is yet to be triggered formally, the business has found that they are now able to offer more competitive prices to overseas distributors due to good exchange rates with the pound. Ian comments, ‘Only time will tell what Brexit means for the business long term, but as our products are designed and produced in the UK we are confident that the export market will still be a high proportion of our business.’

So what does the future hold for Status? As a constantly moving business they are always listening to their customers, producing new products and evolving their current range. Ian explains, ‘with a keen eye on product development, the outlook for our future is positive and we will soon be bringing to market some innovative new products that could be set to revolutionise the industry, so watch this space!’

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