State-of-the-art UV pyrometry technology


Groundbreaking Temperature Sensing Solution for Unparalleled Yield Improvement and Efficiency Gains for MOCVD Processes for LED Production.

The UV 400 and UVR 400 pyrometers by LumaSense are the latest generation of non-contact temperature measurement instrumentation for Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition (MOCVD) processes in the rapidly growing LED industry.

These highly accurate instruments are in a unique position to help manufacturers using MOCVD improve efficiency and reduce waste in their LED manufacturing process.

Using a centre wavelength in the UV spectrum (400 nm) these pyrometers make it possible to measure real wafer surface temperature, while traditional pyrometers are only able to measure the susceptor/pocket temperature under the wafer. This allows the most accurate and repeatable control of the wafer temperature which e.g. in LED production is critical to the final product wavelength and manufacturing yields.

The wide temperature range of 650 to 1300 °C allows for measurement of various applications such as GaN buffer layer growth or multiple quantum well growth. The fast response time of up to 8 ms allows the measurement of fast processes. True photon-counting instrumentation guarantees the best achievable signal to noise ratio and stability.

In addition to the UV 400 pyrometer, the UVR 400 features a 635 nm Laser Reflectometer, which enables the real-time measurement of the thickness and growth rate of the GaN layer during epitaxy growth.


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