Stack lights are an essential component in industrial manufacturing, process control and industrial automation. They are commonly used to signal a status of a machine or a process, to machine operators, technicians, production managers and factory personnel. They can inform the operator about errors or information on the process needs enabling increased productivity and improved machine fault management.

Reliability, efficiency and easy installation are a key factors customers demand when sourcing stack lights. Sirena have addressed these demands when designing their range of stack lights.

Sirena stack-light are available in three sizes ø36mm, ø50mm, ø70mm and with two different shapes, round and elliptical. Their different dimensions make them suitable for both large plants offering great visibility at a high distance, and suitable for use in small machines and in areas where personnel work in close proximity to machines. With an Ingress Protection of IP66 the Sirena Stack Lights can be use in harsh environments.

Sirena stack lights offer additional versatility thanks to the different mounting solutions which include Wall brackets and extension poles. All Sirena stack lights utilise the latest LED Technology enabling Multifunction Light outputs including steady or flashing. Acoustic Modules can be attached to the top of the stack light to add an Audible tone to increase the alert status.

Sirena stack lights are available in both modular “self-assemble” and pre-assembled versions. This option allows the customer to order Standard Colour options as a “single product” code speeding up ordering reducing installation times.

Advantages of pre-assembled units:

• They can be ordered with a single article code
• Quick and easy assembly and installation
• Flexible solutions suitable for various industrial applications such as status indication, error indication, level indication.
• Dedicated configuration for special projects.

If a bespoke or unique design is required, then the self assemble options is the best solution.


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