SMES urged to harness technology or risk falling behind


Small-scale manufacturers are in ‘critical danger’ of losing out to their competitors unless they adapt quickly to the changes sweeping their industries, a supply chain expert has warned.

Lucy Pamment, product manager at supply chain technology specialist Access Group, has branded many of the discussions around Industry 4.0 ‘unhelpful’ for SMEs, who have yet to get on board with the digital revolution.

To counteract this, Access Group has launched a new guide to dispel the misconceptions around Industry 4.0 entitled, Industry 4.0 User Manual for SME.

Lucy explains, “In this guide, we want to show that the latest innovations, including supply chain software, are affordable, scalable and can be rolled out quickly.

“Using down-to-earth language, it’s important for production managers to see their factories won’t suddenly look like something from a sci-fi film, or that the systems are difficult to master – in fact, most require the same skills you’d use with Microsoft or Facebook.”

To download a free copy of Industry 4.0 User Manual for SMEs visit:


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