SKF offers new induction heater for large bearings


Luton, 14 October 2015: SKF has announced the introduction of the SKF Induction Heater TIH L33. The smallest in the TIH L series, this induction heater is capable of heating large rolling bearings weighing up to 700 kg (1,543 lb.) and completes the product line between SKF’s TIH 220m and the TIH L44, providing an attractive price/performance ratio.

The TIH L33 features advanced power electronics with an accurate electric current control to help regulate the temperature rate increase. Its two-step, power setting option of 50 and 100 percent enables smaller bearings to be heated safely with lower power consumption. Also, the TIH L33 has thermal overheating protection to reduce the risk of damage to the induction coil and electronics, enhancing reliability and safety. Designed for vertical or horizontal heating, these induction heaters feature automatic demagnetization to reduce the risk of ferrous debris contamination.

Induction heating is a fast, safe and efficient way to mount large bearings. It is preferred over other mounting methods, such as oil baths, ovens, presses or open flame, and helps to reduce damage to the shaft and bearing, achieve long service life and increase operator safety.

The TIH L series of induction heaters is suitable for industries such as metals, mining, pulp and paper, construction, fluid machinery, industrial transmission, marine, wind and power generation. In addition, these heaters are available in voltage variations to suit most operating voltages worldwide and can be transported easily with a standard forklift. For heating solid components, SKF recommends the use of its TIH L MB series of induction heaters.


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