SKF launches next-generation electrically driven oil pump


SKF, the knowledge engineering company, has launched a next-generation electrically driven oil pump for automation, heavy industry and machine tool applications. The Lincoln P653S electric Centro-Matic pump has been developed for single-line lubrication systems and is available in two models with reservoir sizes of 4 and 8 litres to meet varying capacity requirements.

The P653S is a central pump station that automatically delivers high viscosity oil and fluid grease up to NLGI 00 through a single supply line to injectors in a Centro-Matic system. It is designed to minimise oil consumption by running only when the machinery it is installed to lubricate is in operation, therefore reducing lubricant usage and the associated costs.

Fully integrated, the plug-and-go P653S combines a reservoir, pressure switch/transducer, vent valve and controller in a single compact and durable unit. This simple design reduces the time and labour required to complete installation, which has been made easier than other market offerings. Users simply need to mount the pump, connect the power, install the supply line and injectors, and the system is ready for operation.

Both pump models easily interface with mobile independent telematics systems and feature built-in RemoteLinc signalling capabilities to alert operators of low oil level and system faults, helping users enhance maintenance and prevent failure. The unit operates in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 70 degrees Centigrade for DC models and 32 degrees to 122 degrees Centigrade for AC models.

Commenting on the new P653S pump, Tim Veal, Lubrication Systems Business Manager at SKF, said: “The launch of this next-generation pump enhances our lubricant pump product family and is a significant step forward for the market. It provides users with greater performance, dependability and versatility, and makes installation quicker and easier than ever before.”


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