Simplified fermentation controllers for wine producers boost productivity


West Control Solutions has developed Vinireg+ and Oenoreg+ temperature controllers which are easy to install and use, with just four buttons for heating or cooling control selection, plus up and down temperature adjustment. The devices are ideal for wine-production applications.

Delivering clear information to the user, each controller provides all the features needed to help manage temperatures during production processes. Vinireg+ has a single valve control output for systems with a unified hot/cold water circuit. Oenoreg+ has has an extra control output for managing separate hot and cold water circulation. Both Vinireg+ and Oenoreg+ are compatible with most types of thermocouples, as well as 2-, 3- or 4-wire PT100 temperature probes that are widely used by winemakers.

Unlike a generic programmable logic controller (PLC), Vinireg+ and Oenoreg+ are pre-configured for controlling the wine production process, and require only the simple adjustment of temperature targets or limits. The user can change the settings as needed, via the simple four-button interface, with minimal training and can easily replace the controller if needed, without waiting for a service technician to arrive. No wiring skills or special safety procedures are required to quickly restore full automatic control and so preserve the integrity of the process.

The IP65-rated front panel means the controllers are equally at home whether positioned as an enclosed standalone unit close to the tank, or built into a larger control panel. They are also modular and expandable, including support for MODBUS, to facilitate remote monitoring of one or a small number of tanks or connecting multiple controllers to manage the processes in a large number of tanks. A high level of front panel environmental protection when suitably enclosed, maximises immunity to hazards such as humidity or corrosion, thereby maximising reliability and operating lifetime.


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