SICK’s 2D LiDAR sensor keeps it simple


When a single-field laser scanner is all that is needed, SICK’s TiM100 2D LiDAR Sensor offers users a budget level solution with high-resolution object detection and ranging for factory automation and warehousing applications.

With a 200° field of view, the TiM100 is a compact, simple-to-use laser scanner for uses such as collision avoidance in Automated Guided Vehicles and machinery, or monitoring of doors and gates. In warehousing and conveying applications, the TiM100 can detect whether a bay in a high-bay warehouse is full or empty, for example.

Part of SICK’s wide range of TiM and LMS laser scanning solutions for industrial, building and internal security applications, the TiM100 is the ideal choice when a simple, compact and low-cost device is all that’s required.

The TiM100 has a monitoring range of up to 3 metres and a maximum 15.7 square metre scanning area. With the benefits of IO-Link interface, it is quick and easy set-up. Teach-in can be performed by digital input, or via a PC, and all parameters can be stored for downloading to another device or replacement if required.

With SICK’s innovative HDDM+ technology built in, the sensor is able to deliver time-of-flight scanning with consistently stable results which are not affected by the presence of dirt, dust, moisture or ambient light.

Says Neil Sandhu, SICK’s National Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement and Ranging: “When a compact, simple detection device is the most appropriate and affordable solution, the TiM100 is straightforward to set up and configure.​

“Take battery powered automatic guided vehicles, for example, the small size and low power consumption of the TiM100 is ideal for object detection and collision avoidance in the path of the vehicle.

“With simple teach-in and IO-Link capability, the TiM100’s parameters can be easily cloned to provide ‘plug and play’ set-up when a sensor needs to be replaced.”

The TiM100 is the economy option within the TIM series of LIDAR detection and ranging devices, which are installed all over the world. Backed by this experience, SICK’s field evaluation algorithms integrated in the TiM100 ensure excellent reliability and consistency of detection.

The 100mm high by 60mm wide TiM100 device weighs only 90g, so is suitable for many applications where conventional laser scanning detection devices are too large or too conspicuous. Installation is quick and low-cost with a click-in mount and, with a 2.2W power offtake, running costs are low.


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