Several new lines of of lugnuts have been added to SD Products catalogue



Several new lines of M5, M6 and M8 of lugnuts and multi thread lugnuts have been added to SD Products catalogue, available from stock. Lugnuts, also known as extruded U nuts or chimney nuts, are ideal fasteners for heavy duty applications, ensuring a strong and reliable joint in sheet materials – metal or plastic. Applications making use of threaded bolts rather than self-tapping screws offer a more secure fixing, capable of withstanding heavier loads. Manufactured from high quality austempered carbon steel, these fasteners are widely used in the automotive industry, electrical equipment and machinery. A more durable grade of steel allows these fasteners to be used safely in a more physically demanding environments, for example on lorries and heavy construction vehicles. Special versions of these part are available, with additional sizes manufactured on request. We stock a wide variety of threads and styles.


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