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In order to fulfil the continually increasing and changing safety requirements in modern production facilities, Automation24 is continually expanding its range of safety technology. The recently added safety edges and bumpers from manufacturer ASO Safety Solutions ensure the safe stopping of systems and guarantee safety at pinching and shearing points. Both components can be configured in Automation24’s online shop and adapt perfectly to customers’ in-house conditions. In addition to this service, customers at have access to additional information in the knowledge area.

The safety contact edges from the SENTIR edge series serve to protect people and equipment at potential pinching and shearing points. Available in various designs, the edges feature resistance loops, which are bridged upon contact, thus bringing automated gates and machines to a stop in work areas that must be safeguarded. At, the safety edges can be configured to within an accuracy of 1mm and are made to order.

The edges are produced in-house at Automation24 and can be quickly delivered. A similar principle also underlies the safety bumpers from the SENTOR series by ASO Safety Solutions. The bumpers consist of a foam core with a moisture-resistant cover and are triggered by means of simple compression. Automation24 offers a simple solution by which to initiate an immediate top of all movements within a system.

With various designs in different sizes, the bumpers can be individually configured to suit on-site conditions. “With a diverse, continually expanding product range featuring strong and innovative brand manufacturers, we offer our customers solutions for almost every standard safety application. The safety edges and bumpers from ASO Safety Solutions are required to cover specific areas in terms of their functionality. For this reason, we have made it possible to order this product in precisely the right size in our shop,” explained Adrian Gniwotta, Safety Technology Portfolio Manager at Automation24.



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