Sensor-to-Cloud Solution for Industrial-Grade IoT Deployments Utilising Mobile Networks


Accelerating the development of IoT applications, Solid State Supplies Ltd now offers the mangOH™ Green product from Sierra Wireless. Backed by the support of the knowledgeable and experienced technical team at Solid State Supplies’ disposal, this highly intuitive open hardware platform facilitates cellular-enabled IoT designs, allowing rapid progress from concept and prototyping phases through to full scale production.

Highly suited for developing solutions to be deployed in remote locations, for industrial, environmental and agricultural monitoring purposes, as well as various other forms of data logging and M2M communication, the mangOH Green platform incorporates the Sierra Wireless AirPrime® WP8548 cellular modem for reliable wireless connectivity. The modem’s processing capabilities, which are powered by an ARM® CortexA5 application processor, deliver a combination of elevated performance and low power operation. Each platform has three expansion slots that enable the attachment of further wireless and wireline connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Thread and Ethernet cards. The mangOH platform provides a complete IoT gateway that can be scaled to fit the exact requirements of any given application. A selection of sensors, such as an accelerometer and a gyroscope, are included.



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