Select Global Events Forges Strategic Partnership with Rubber Division, ACS (American Chemical Society) to Co-Locate Silicone Expo USA with the International Elastomer Conference in 2024.


 Select Global Events (SGE), a prominent UK-based exhibitions organizer, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Rubber Division, ACS. This collaboration will see Silicone Expo USA join forces with the International Elastomer Conference, aligning their events to run concurrently during their respective 2024 editions. The event is scheduled to take place September 9-12, 2024, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offering an enhanced value proposition for both attendees and exhibitors. 

Extensive deliberations between the involved parties, supported by valuable input from their respective advisory boards and key stakeholders, have culminated in a unanimous agreement to co-locate these prominent events. The decision reflects a shared vision to provide an enriched experience for attendees amidst a bustling industry landscape. 

Nathan Reuby, CEO of Select Global Events, states, “The strategic alignment between Silicone Expo USA and the International Elastomer Conference represents an exciting venture. The significant synergy between the silicone and elastomer industries creates a unique opportunity for collaboration. Both parties are committed to delivering an elevated offering to attendees in an industry that is becoming increasingly dynamic.” 

This collaboration ensures that exhibitors and visitors can participate in two key industry events simultaneously, resulting in substantial time and cost savings. It also addresses the rising operational costs faced by event organizers, allowing SGE to maintain cost-effectiveness without compromising the quality of the event experience for loyal customers. 

Silicone Expo USA will once again host a world-class technical conference alongside global exhibitors representing the entire silicone supply chain. The three-day event promises to showcase the latest advancements and innovations within the industry. 

“We invite industry professionals and enthusiasts to join us in Pittsburgh this September for an unparalleled experience. Our collaborative effort with the International Elastomer Conference underscores our commitment to providing a platform that fosters knowledge exchange and networking opportunities within the silicone and elastomer sectors,” adds Nathan Reuby. 

For further information about this exciting partnership and the upcoming event, please contact the Select Global Events team at 


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