SEEPEX wins condition-based monitoring framework agreement 


SEEPEX, a leading worldwide specialist in progressive cavity pump technology and digital solutions, has secured a framework agreement with Anglian Water. This agreement solidifies SEEPEX’s expertise and positions the company as a key player in the field of Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM).

The framework agreement involves the supply, installation, and management of CBM systems for Anglian Water. SEEPEX’s cutting-edge technology will enable Anglian Water to move towards a more proactive approach to maintenance and monitoring the condition of rotating and pumping assets. This condition-based approach will optimise asset performance, minimise costly repairs, and maximise the lifespan of their critical infrastructure.

SEEPEX and Anglian Water have enjoyed a long-standing collaboration since the Eighties. SEEPEX’s expertise in providing progressive cavity (PC) pumps has made them one of the nominated framework suppliers for PC pump technology. Some 700 SEEPEX pumps are installed across Anglian Water’s sites in environmental applications, including thermal hydrolysis, sludge cake pumping and back mixing, pumping stations and chemical/flocculent dosing.

SEEPEX’s success in winning the framework agreement highlights its achievements in the digital field. The comprehensive tender process involved navigating new horizons, incorporating IIoT capabilities and cybersecurity. SEEPEX’s dedicated team, including digital experts and cybersecurity specialists, demonstrated SEEPEX’s forward-thinking approach to digital innovation.

Being awarded the framework agreement places SEEPEX in an elite league of companies, shows that SEEPEX can compete with the specialists in the digital space and re-affirms SEEPEX’s superior digital ecosystem and portfolio within the CBM domain.

SEEPEX’s digital ecosystem – integrating digital monitoring and cloud-based services – will provide information to Anglian Water on its equipment’s condition, with reports showing the actual status quo of the equipment and processes, enabling predictive and forward-planned maintenance.

With the framework agreement in place, SEEPEX is positioned to revolutionise Anglian Water’s asset management strategies. By leveraging advanced CBM systems and comprehensive analytics, SEEPEX will empower Anglian Water to proactively monitor asset health, achieve greater operational efficiency, and deliver an exceptional level of service to millions of customers across the region.

Contact SEEPEX today to explore how the company’s monitoring solutions can transform your organisation’s asset management, unlock the potential of proactive maintenance and ensure the longevity of your critical equipment.


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