Safety is open with TR: Ethernet Powerlink with openSAFETY now also available at TR-Electronic


Absolute safety-encoders CDV75 und CDH75 conquer new automation landscapes.

The CDV75M and CDH75M rotary encoders with proven safety can now also be directly connected to Powerlink networks. Safe speed and position are transmitted via the Open-Safety protocol. Conformity with safety standards is approved by TÜV Rheinland and published by certificate in December 2014.

The measuring values are recorded via two independent scannings and verified through cross comparison. The rotary encoder is certified and fulfills the requirements for safety functions according to SIL3 or PLe. Open-Safety uses the “grey channel” principle for transmission. This means that the safety of the information in the Open-Safety telegrams is guaranteed, even when transmitted together with process data on a normal Powerlink network.

The safety is integrated directly into the rotary encoder; no further evaluation units or safety modules are required. This means a considerable reduction in wiring and configuration effort. During configuration the parameters such as difference and standstill window, direction of rotation or integration time are set directly via the safe parameterization channels of Open-Safety. The electronic adjustment is particularly helpful: During standstill the output rotary encoder value can be moved within the measuring range by means of a secure protocol, without mechanically turning the shaft. This also simplifies adaptation to the mechanical system considerably.

All data is easily accessible via a communication medium. This allows the user to access the data throughout the system and implement his application at all points. The CD_75M enables maximum diagnosis and the use of innovative characteristics without any additional effort. This allows brand new safety concepts, such as cooperative workstations for example, where operator and machine share the same work space.

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