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In a world where adaptability and performance are paramount, Relec Electronics has expanded its display portfolio with an exciting range of portable computing products. Partnering with MACTRON Group, the company has introduced the MMS and MAV series of rugged tablets to the UK market, setting new benchmarks in versatility and reliability.

“We’re not just selling tablets; we’re offering solutions that redefine what rugged technology can do,” said John Stone, Sales Director at Relec Electronics.

Engineered to meet MIL-STD 810G and IP67 standards, these tablets withstand high levels of shock and vibration and provide protection against ingress from dust and liquids, making them ideal for demanding environments like hospitals and moving vehicles.

Under the hood, the MMS series features Intel Atom processors optimised for medical software. The MAV series, designed for vehicles, runs on Qualcomm processors, perfect for real-time data analytics. Both series promise uncompromised speed and reliability.

Technically, these tablets are second to none. MMS integrates high-resolution touchscreens, barcode scanning, and RFID/NFC for efficient medical data management. MAV offers GPS and 4G LTE, ensuring connectivity even in the most remote locations.

To enhance their functionality, Relec Electronics provides a wide range of accessories, from docking stations to specialised vehicle mounts.

In healthcare, the MMS series meets 60601 standards with medical-grade power supplies and antibacterial screen protectors. Available in 5″, 7″ and 10.1″ options, they serve various medical needs, from Radiology to Bedside Terminals.

For vehicles, MAV is available with customisable mounts and CANBus communications for seamless integration with modern engine control units. Running on an Android platform, they allow quick development of customised apps.

Relec Electronics takes pride in offering MACTRON’s MMS and MAV series as part of its commitment to deliver reliable and innovative solutions. The technical merits of these rugged tablets, combined with an extensive array of accessories, make them a compelling choice for professionals in need of robust, high-performance devices.

“The MMS and MAV series are more than just tablets; they’re a commitment to innovation and reliability,” concluded John Stone.


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