Are your Risk Assessments suitable and sufficient for managing health and safety in your business?


Are your Risk Assessments suitable and sufficient for managing health and safety in your business?  Or are they just a set of templates, pulled together and hidden in a file just in case the HSE should drop by and ask to see them?

Dangerous stuff this!  Getting caught out by the HSE is the least of your worries.  Risk assessment should be a living, breathing process that affects your entire workforce.  Everyone at work should know what the risks are, how they are being managed, and what they should do to ensure the risks at all levels, are minimised.  At the end of the day, even the ones who like to have a laugh and fool around at work, actually want to go home in one piece.

Statistics show us the cost of an accident is now around £28,500. (HSE).

After 25 years providing health and safety support to thousands of businesses, one thing that THSP’s consultants have realised is that many people still don’t understand how to complete an effective risk assessment.

Generic risk assessments do not keep people safe!  A risk assessment must challenge the thought process of the compiler, creating increased understanding of the task at hand and the processes needed to ensure the safety of their staff.

Over the past year, THSP have developed a means of building risk assessments to ensure a greater level of safety is achieved in the workplace.  This interactive Risk Assessment Builder walks you through your tasks in a logical way, and gets you thinking seriously about what you have in place, and what needs doing before a job gets going.

No more repetitive control measures across sheets of assessments for manual handling, working at height, PPE, etc.  Just one bespoke, task-based assessment, with intuitive and comprehensive control measure selection, saving you time and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

The resulting assessment includes an Action List for each level of employee as well as a dashboard to demonstrate how much safer the task will be if all control measures are properly implemented.  Many other related documents can be appended to the assessment such as registers, COSHH Assessments and reports to ensure this assessment covers all aspects of the task.

The up-to-date, compliant database is continually evolving, and an unlimited number of assessments can be carried out.  Great features include a PPE selector and pictorial manual handling TILE assessment.

For similar tasks it is possible to reuse an assessment by creating a duplicate and editing the details.  While your colleagues may be given access to all the risk assessments, any amendments they make will be logged in their name, giving full traceability to each document.

This highly innovative application has been shortlisted for Product Innovation of the Year and Health and Safety Solution of the Year by the London Construction Awards 2017.

Find out for yourself how easy compiling a comprehensive risk assessment is by signing up for a free trial at



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