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The new all-in-one, F191 UHF RFID read/write device from Pepperl+Fuchs covers a wide range of applications cost-effectively, enabling users to seamlessly identify and track parts and goods according to the track and trace principle, establish transparency throughout the entire manufacturing process and create the information basis for implementing Industry 4.0 concepts, as MEPCA discovered.

Pepperl+Fuchs now offers a practical solution for users looking for an easy entry into the world of RFID with all its possibilities. The new F191 RFID read/write device combines the advantages of sophisticated industrial UHF technology with a standardised interface for IO-Link communication – and is, therefore, a cost-effective enabler component for a wide range of standard applications in areas such as intralogistics, automotive, and material handling.

A strong combination The IO-Link masters from Pepperl+Fuchs support the simple connection of the new UHF RFID read/write devices.

The F191 RFID read/write devices are commissioned without time-consuming programming via the future-proof, integrated IO-Link interface. In easy mode the devices transfer their data to the higher-level system in accordance with the plug-and-play principle without integrating complex function blocks. It doesn’t matter whether this is an IoT-centric or PLC-centric architecture – Pepperl+Fuchs offers the appropriate IO-Link masters for connecting the RFID read/write devices from a single source for both applications. This means that up to eight RFID read/write devices can be operated cost-effectively on just one IO-Link master. The multi-protocol capability of the IO-Link master module ensures compatibility with almost any bus or control system.

Rugged UHF technology

When the F191 RFID read/write devices are in operation, they enable reliable detection of various UHF tag types in a sensing range of up to 1m by means of transmit power of up to 100mW ERP (adjustable). A wide range of application-specific tags from the Pepperl+Fuchs product selection is available. UHF technology makes it possible to simultaneously detect bulk data from multiple tags in one read operation. With a rugged IP67 housing, integrated antenna, and a wide temperature range of -25 to +70°C (or -25 to +60°C in continuous operation), the F191 RFID read/write devices are also designed for use under adverse ambient conditions.

In the Pepperl+Fuchs UHF RFID portfolio, the F191 read/write device joins the F190 and F192 versions already established on the market. Compared to the new F191, these support advanced setting options for the continuous solution of more complex special applications or a significantly increased sensing range (F192 up to 6m). Combined with the broad experience gained over 30 years of RFID development and other LF and HF frequency range solutions, a wide variety of applications can be covered by the identification experts at Pepperl+Fuchs.

The F191 UHF read/write device with IO-Link is therefore an economical, high-performance identification solution with IO-Link interface, which is simple to operate thanks to its Easy Mode with plug-and-play connectivity and no programming required. Low channel costs can be achieved for maximum efficiency by connecting multiple read/write devices to an IO-Link master. The device offers flexible system integration with connection via IO-Link master to almost all bus systems and controllers with an optimal read range of up to 1 m for a wide range of applications. Multi-tag reading of numerous tags is possible delivering maximum efficiency and maximum process reliability is possible thanks to a high degree of protection, an extended temperature range, and adjustable transmitter-radiated power



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