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New at Cloud-based radar level transmitters from Staal Instruments / From data transmission to GPS monitoring – with measuring devices and Cloud platform.

With its Sensor Systems and Process Instrumentation categories, for some time now Automation24 has been responding to the demand for measuring devices for temperature, pressure, levels and other measurement units. As a new addition to the product range, the level transmitters from Staal Instruments are used to observe liquid and buck solid levels in open bodies of water and in containers. In combination with the StaalCloud, data from the measuring devices can be collected and analysed in real time. An integrated GPS tracker also provides information regarding the location of transport goods.

Various areas of application

The radar level transmitters from Staal Instruments have been developed for the level and volume measurement of liquids or buck solids such as water, chemicals, and oils. They are most effective in applications in which there is no infrastructure or whereby the object to be monitored is mobile, for instance in IBC containers or drums. Mounted to the outside of an IBC container, the volume of liquid and the level can be measured through the plastic cover. In addition to inventory and volume measurements, the sensors also provide reliable information regarding the location of IBC containers, which are frequently used for transport.

Possible areas of application also include the monitoring of sewer levels or open bodies of water. Critical levels can thus be promptly detected, and countermeasures initiated.

From radar to the Cloud

The transmission of the measurement values to the Staalcloud takes place via a 4G/LTE-M connection with 2G fallback. Depending on requirements, the measurement interval can be adjusted between 15 minutes and 24 hours. Depending on the tariff zone in use and the frequency and scope of the collected data, flexible data tariffs with credit amounts of 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 are available at “Using the cloud platform, the acquired information from the sensors can be viewed, stored, and visualised. Possible error sources can also be detected at an early stage using trend analyses and by means of real-time warnings. With the instruments and cloud platform in the product range, we can provide our customers with sustainable support in making their processes more economical and efficient,” explains Thorsten Schulze, whose main area of responsibility as CEO is product range management.

About Automation24

Automation24 is an e-Commerce company with its own online shop for automation technology. The full range of automation technology incorporates more than 7,000 branded products from more than 60 brand manufacturers in areas such as sensor systems, process instrumentation, control and drive technology, safety technology, industrial communication technology, measuring and regulation technology, industrial luminaires, industrial controls, protection equipment, control and signalling devices, power supply, enclosures / control cabinets, work tools, and connection technology. All products are available from Automation24, offering exceptional value for money from the very first item, even with the smallest purchase volumes.


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